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The Hannaian companies, The Hannaian International Group, and Hannaian U.S.A. Corp. are Intellectual Property Acquisition, Research, & Investment Companies. They specialize in the research, investment, acquisition, and marketing of valuable Intellectual Properties and associated products & services.

The Hannaian International Group, a family owned business, was initially established to conduct socially conscious research and investments in real estate, and intellectual property rich emerging growth companies, and special publishing & marketing activities. It has developed over the years to include its current focus on Global Investment Research, Intellectual Property Acquisitions & Commercialization, and Technology Transfer. The Company operates several major divisions, Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services (HIBSS), Hannaian International Realty & Research, Hannaian Entertainment, and The Hannaian Research Institute.

The Hannaian companies began operations in 1996 with the special mission of helping talented artisans gain the proper credit, exposure and income for their valued creations. The mission has since expanded into the broader Intellectual Property acquisitions, investments, research, and marketing focus. Hannaian products & services now include various inventions, patented processes and various intellectual property based holdings. In compliance with the original mission the Companies search worldwide for talented inventors, researchers, artists, authors, and developers who choose to maintain control of their artistic and creative integrity.

The Company's current structure incorporates the various investment, research, academic, and publishing activities previously conducted by the Hannaian Business Training Institute, The Publishing & Distribution Division, The Intellectual Property Stock Investment Research Service, The Hannaian Broadcast Network, The Marketing, Promotions & Advertising division, The Hannaian News Service, The Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group, and the Hannaian Awards.

Hannaian U.S.A.Corp, an independent, U.S.A. based affiliate, publishes and distributes its own products and services within the continental United States and its protectorate countries. By agreement and/or license it also operates the exclusive franchise for the publishing and distribution within the United States for products owned, published and distributed by the Hannaian International Group, and its production, publishing and distribution affiliates. By agreement and/or license it publishes and distributes its products outside the United States through the Hannaian International Group.

The Hannaian International Group
220 Tywnam Heights
Nassau N.P. Bahamas
(242) 326-5497

Mailing address
P.O. Box EE-16021
Nassau, N.P. Bahamas

Monique C. Olurin, President & Managing Director
Valerie A. Wells, Vice President & Director
Paul A. Bartlett, Director
Cheryl M. Pyfrom, Director
Harlington L. Hanna Jr., Director
Donnie T. Hanna, Director

Hannaian USA Corp

(772) 597-4300

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