In Today's World reading is one of the most fundamental capacities that an individual can develop. For some, reading can open up bold new worlds and unlock many untold mysteries. For others reading can end the dilemma of paradox and ambiguity. For everyone, learning to read is essential. This workbook had been designed so that anyone, regardless of age can learn how to read.

The instructional part of this workbook is to be used as an aid to the person who will explain its contents to the student. The person that is READING the information in this workbook will be the facilitator. The person LEARNING to "read" and use the materials in this workbook is the learner. The exercises are designed to help the learner, learn how to learn.

Unlocking the Dynamic Land of Language

Understanding the basic composition of letters is a major key to unlocking the dynamic land of language. The words: character, letter and symbol are synonymous (equal), when speaking of words as language.

Sound is used as a means to communicate recognition of our conscious experiences (ORAL COMMUNICATION). What is known as letters are representative symbols of SOUND. How letters sound when said alone and when they come together to form words is our focus with this workbook.

Captain Victory says "Look Drug Drakon you need to teach your friends how to read, lets start learning about reading"