This summary is to be read by the learner and the process heard by the facilitator.

What you have been drawing day after day for these past weeks is a picture of the BUTTERFLY. There is an old saying that a PICTURE is worth a thousand words. The butterfly is a beautiful creature that SYMBOLICALLY represents the developing (transforming) stages in the growth of man. The word man means mind. In essence we are looking into the development of our most important capacities (mentality).

In the early stages or levels of life the butterfly is a surface (worm) being and its sustenance is derived from the matter or material of THINGS. In the latter stages of life the butterfly transforms through a crystallizing process and changes completely, growing wings with which, to FLY. At this stage the winged wonder has outgrown the surface or superficial things and is ready to derive its sustenance from the NECTAR (life) of things.

The freedom that KNOWLEDGE provides allows you to transcend to the point of mind over matter. YOU as the master (teacher of yourself) will ponder the essential quality of things. Quantity is a fact of matter but quality is the essence of BOTH fact and matter.

To the Learner:

In order to better comprehend (understand) the message above, the learner should now research (investigate) the written material that is to be found regarding the butterfly. Start by looking up butterfly in the dictionary. Next the learner will explore the encyclopedia for information about the butterfly. As you (the learner), gain greater insight into the metamorphosis process you will learn to see deeper into yourself. Learning to read is the start of a long journey that can lead you onto the path-way to the inner-SELF.

Clifford Black