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This is where you provide and update information, history, news and stories that you want to share with and about the family. You may also register for reunion activities in this section of the site. Click on the links below to submit information and complete registrations as needed.

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Submit Your Important Old Family Stories & Family News & Notices

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Register Your Family or Personal Website
Please send information on your personal site or family related website so it can be registered and listed in our Family Organizations Section.

Special Instructions For Submitting Pictures, Videos & Audio Tapes

We would like to include as many pictures, videos and audio documentation as possible in the Family's genealogical database. Please submit any interesting pictures, videos and audio tapes about the family which you may have. If you do not have any of these items but can give us information on who may have, or where we can locate such items please advise us and we will try to get copies if available. Pictures, videos & audio tapes of family members and events should be sent to:

Hanna-Heastie-Tynes Pictures
P.O. Box 588
Indiantown, FL 34956

Please send copies preferably. If the originals are sent, we will return them as instructed.

Digital pictures, or digitalized video and audio can be emailed to hhtpics@hannaian.com. Large digitalized files should be placed on a CD and mailed to the address above. Please call or email us if you have questions about the digitalization process. We may be able to assist in the process where needed.

Each picture, video or audio tape should be well marked, dated and include a brief written description of when and where it was originally made. If you have further questions about submission of these items you may email your questions to hhtpics@hannaian.com or call (772) 597-4300.

Special Note For Reunion Attendees
If you plan to attend the Family Reunion you should bring any interesting pictures particularly old pictures, videos, audio tapes and documents with you and visit the Genealogy/Media Room at the Reunion hotel where these items can be copied and where your picture, stories and genealogy data can be recorded. Please email Mary Anita Browne or see her at the Reunion to facilitate this process or for further information.



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