Martin County Basketball Camp Offers Opportunities for Youth

Hannaian News Service
August 1, 2000

The International Christian Men & Women Fellowship, Inc., Wings of Deliverance Ministries, and D&J Promotions hosted a Professional All-Star Basketball Camp in Martin County, Florida for area youth. D& J Promotions and Wings of Deliverance brought together Mrs. Christine Johnson, mother of LA Lakers great Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Faye Hardaway ( Penny's mom), and Lucille Harrison, (Shaq's mom) for this week long event. Participants in this event included such athletes and dignitaries as Monty Williams of the Orlando Magic, Terry Cummings of the Golden State warriors, Judge Joe Brown of Fox Television and Larry Johnson, Founder of the Brotherhood Against Drugs.

The ultimate goal of this and such events is to build a multipurpose center for economically disadvantaged youth in the Martin County and Treasure coast area. The Dizzy Gillespie School of Fine and Performing Arts in cooperation with the Junior Golf & Academics of America have begun planning for the Youth multicultural Educational/Recreational and Child Care Center.

Evangelist Deanna Smith is the founder of the International Christian Men and Women Fellowship, a nonprofit, nondenominational organization that serves as a support group to the church and communities. Jackie Day and Mrs. Johnson are co-owners of D&J  Promotions, a firm that primarily serves the sports and gospel industry through extensive event planning and promotions.

Mrs. Christine Johnson Receives Doctorate

Hannaian News Service
August 1, 2000

Mrs. Christine E. Johnson, community activist was presented with a Doctorate Degree during the closing ceremonies of the Pro-All Star Basketball Camp held in Martin County, Florida in July.

Mrs. Johnson was honored for her hard work and dedication to encouraging others, particularly today's youth, to set goals in life and to strive to achieve them. Mrs. Johnson, who resides in Lansing, Michigan with her husband, Mr. Earvin Johnson, Sr. has some experience at this. She and her husband are the proud parents of nine children, including Mr. Larry Johnson, founder of the Brotherhood Against Drugs, and Mr. Earvin "Magic" Johnson of LA Lakers basketball fame.

In her address to the participants and supporters of the Camp Dr. Christine Johnson reminded the guests of their obligation to themselves and their families to cultivate their God-given talents, to continuously strive for greatness, and to maintain focus, determination and faith even in the midst of adversity.

Dr. Johnson is dedicated to her church and community, and as a motivational speaker invests time and emotion in the residents of juvenile facilities and other correctional institutions,encouraging a commitment to ideals and imparting confidence and hope.

Judge Joe Brown Addresses Coalition for Treasure Coast Youth Development

Hannaian News Service
August 1, 2000

In his address before a group of participants and supporters of the Martin County Basketball Camp Youth Project, Judge Joe Brown minced no words in placing the responsibility for the well being and progress of the community at the feet of each individual. Collective and individual responsibility and accountability was the order of the day, and no one was exempt.

When the gavel fell and the court was in session, Judge Joe Brown was true to a fault. He hammered home the obligations of families, communities and society at large in carving out a place for our youth, where they can feel secure and become productive citizens. Judge Brown called for an end to the vicious cycle of hopelessness and dismay perpetrated on generation after generation of families and communities.

"Our children need a sense of purpose and responsibility. They need to be taught to take charge of their lives and plan for their future, secure in the knowledge that they have our backing and support. They need to dispel the fear of hard work and do what it takes to achieve desired and desirable goals. We are the role models for those who follow. The time is now for us to lead the way."

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Pictures from The Award Ceremonies
Photos by Hannaian News Service
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Mrs. Christine Johnson, Commissioner Elmira Gainey & Mrs. Deanna Smith

Dr. Christine E. Johnson speaks to the audience on values, responsibility, priorities and faith.

Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown speaks.
Judge Joe Brown receives an official gavel of Martin County from County Commissioner Elmira Gainey

Judge Brown & Larry Johnson listen.
Judge Joe Brown speaks.

Moving musical selection by Mr. & Mrs. Michael King.
Seven year old student impresses audience with poetry recital

Dr. Harlington Hanna, Coach Powell & Family, and Martin County Commissioner Elmira Gainey

Judge Brown welcomed

Judge Joe tests his new gavel

Commissioner Gainey with more presentations

The Mime Boyz render a spectacular performance

The Miami-Dade County team participates

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Mrs. Christine Johnson, mother of LA Lakers Earvin "Magic" Johnson receives Honorary Doctorate from Dr. Gloria Thomas....

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Dr. Johnson's son, Larry proudly applauds his mother's accomplishments

Congratulations are in order

The candidates receive their Doctorates

Comm. Gainey with Doctorate recipient & Mrs. Monica Anderson

The Parcels-To-Go team from Orlando participate at the planning event.
The Candidates receive their degrees

Commissioner Gainey and Deanna dicuss details of the project.
The Mime Boyz

New doctors congratulate each other.
A young benefactor recognized.

Senator Ruby Daring of the Bahamas and Deanna

The canidates receive their degrees

The canidates receive their degrees

Congratulations for a hard earned degree
Randy Wade of Memphis, Tennessee with the Hannas.

Mrs. Christine Johnson with Commissioner. Elmira Gainey
Bishop Leonard Smith, Pastor, Wings of Deliverance Outreach Ministries leads the Benediction.

Commissioner Gainey and Student Kenyata Klein
The recipeints and their hard earned awards

Judge Joe signs autographs for the youngest admirers

The Hannas pose with old Memphis friend, Judge Joe Brown

Larry Johnson, founder of The Brotherhood Against Drugs and Dr. Harlington Hanna,CEO Hannaian USA

Dr. Johnson is congratulated by Helen Bartlett-Hanna, Exec. VP, Hannaian USA Corp.

Coach Powell of Memphis, Tennessee with Dr. Harlington L. Hanna Jr., President of Hannaian USA Corp.

Hanna greets fellow Bahamian Senator Ruby Darling who participated in the ceremonies.

Commissioner Gainey and Deanna Smith enjoy the evening's events.

Judge Joe autographs basketballs, reminding the children that the stars got where they are through dedication and hard work.

Helen Hanna compliments Deanna Smith on a job well done

The Planning Committee thanks the many sponsors, participants, & supporters of this event.

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