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The Hannaian Business Training Institute (H.B.T.I.) holds several educational conferences & retreats annually. These conferences are usually held in conjunction with International Trade Seminars conducted by The Council for the Advancement of Minority Business Internationally, (C.A.M.B.I.). C.A.M.B.I. is a public benefit non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic development in economically disadvantaged communities through minority business success in the international trade arena.

The Educational Conferences & Retreats are designed to bring together members of the Hannaian Business & Intellectual Property Acquisitions Network and other entrepreneurial individuals and companies. The conference retreats provide training in various aspects of business & intellectual property acquisitions, negotiations, contracting, and marketing. In addition they provide participants with entrée to unique opportunities for valuable business and intellectual property acquisitions, investments, and joint venturing. The retreats attract entrepreneurial participants from all over the United States and Caribbean, and have become an important venue for business and investment development for business savvy entrepreneurs.

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