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The Council for the Advancement of Minority Business Internationally (CAMBI) is a non-profit, public benefit, publicly supported, tax exempt, nationally based organization. Its primary objective is to encourage economic development in socially and economically disadvantaged communities within the United States. CAMBI specifically accomplishes this objective through its mission to promote and support minority-owned businesses in the international trade arena.

CAMBI Services

CAMBI serves as a clearing house for information and trade leads on international trade opportunities for U.S. domestic companies, and Non-U.S. internationally based companies and agencies. CAMBI operates a database and directory of such business opportunities, and provides companies interested in developing or maintaining international trade business opportunities with information necessary to compete successfully in the international marketplace. In addition CAMBI provides certain types of technical assistance and consultation for its beneficiary businesses. CAMBI serves as a support organization and liaison between the U.S. minority business community and the international trade community. CAMBI seeks to provide ongoing international trade education through a series of international trade seminars within the United States, and offshore conferences in conjunction with other international or domestic trade meetings. For further information on CAMBI services or for listing in CAMBI Resource Database and Directories contact: Office of the Executive Director, CAMBI, P.O. Box 588, Indiantown, FL 34956, or E-Mail to:

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CAMBI Conference Schedule
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Martin County Summit......January 11-14, 2000
Bloomfield Summit.......July 28-29, 2000
Delray Conference....June 9-11, 2000
Orlando Conference...February 6-7, 19990

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CAMBI International Trade Community Economic Development Initiative (ITCEDI)

International Trade Community Economic Development Initiative (ITCEDI)

ITCEDI is a collaborative effort between The Council for the Advancement of Minority Business Internationally (CAMBI), The Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG), and designated local area public officials (APOs) involved in community economic development. As the premier international trade organization promoting international trade for minority U.S. businesses, CAMBI has developed this initiative to bring minority businesses and publicly elected or appointed officials together in order to facilitate the economic development of their communities through monies derived from International Trade. HIPG a group of African American and Caribbean based investors and entrepreneurs will provide additional infrastructural support to the effort.

The program is designed for the typical small business which will increasingly need to understand and be involved with the details of international trade transactions due to the advent of the Internet, and the increase in internationally based financial and business opportunities in the new global economy.

The involvement of public officials from both sides of the international fence, directly in the ITCED process is important because international trade by definition and necessity is intricately involved with governmental processes. Also, public officials intimately understand the needs and capabilities of their local business marketplace, and how locally available international trade programs may supplement or complement ITCED.

While ITCED is designed to provide its business beneficiaries opportunities to generally enter new markets in the international arena, its specific goal is to research and provide access to market expansion opportunities where profit margins are significantly higher than those available domestically. In pursuit of this objective ITCED will emphasize the lucrative services contract opportunities which exist internationally, and which are particularly receptive to U.S. business interests and expertise.

A prime area of emphasis in ITCED will be on building trade and economic bridges and alliances between Afrocentric and Hispanic countries and the African-American and Hispanic-American business communities.

ITCEDI Services
Services needed for successful international trade are very specific and must be accomplished and assisted by a team sufficiently expert and capable. Most international business transactions are fairly complicated. CAMBI will offer the following services through the ITCEDI program:

1. A database of International trade leads and businesses specifically developed for ITCEDI purposes which will be accessible by ITCEDI registered business beneficiaries and APOs.
2. Assistance in developing and structuring joint ventures which many international trade projects will require in order to be functional.
3. Structuring and assisting with transactional elements such as letters of credit, insurance etc.
4. Provide advice and assistance on the structure and operations of projects to minimize the risks involved, and to maximize the profit making opportunities.
5. Assistance with procuring financing packages for targeted ventures.
6. Provide the initial contacts with the foreign source or joint venture partner.
7. Provide access to knowledgeable legal and accounting services at a significantly reduced rate on either side of the transaction.
8. Provide research and drafting assistance to APOs in their efforts to develop needed legislative and corporate proposals and initiatives which promote and strengthen international trade in the local community.
9. Provide sophisticated Internet based infrastructural support for the facilitation of international trade processes and transactions.
10. Provide other essential international trade support services at a discount through CAMBI's collaborative partnerships.
11. Provide a U.S. business support platform for foreign businesses who desire to find markets for their products & services within the United States.
12. Provide opportunities for participation in CAMBI and related trade missions domestically and abroad.
All CAMBI primary services will be free to properly registered businesses.

ITCEDI Area Registrars
The Area Registrar (AR) is preferably a local area public official (APO) or an organization or institution specifically authorized by CAMBI to act in this ITCEDI capacity in the particular geographical area. The AR/APO will provide registration and inquiry reporting distribution services to registered businesses in their districts. Requests for information and trade leads and assistance to CAMBI will be furnished through reports which are directed to the AR/APO for dissemination to the requesting business.

Business Beneficiary Requirements
All businesses must officially register directly through the Area Registrar or through the CAMBI website, providing an official authorization number received from the AR/APO responsible for the area. Those businesses that register directly without first contacting the AR will be assigned to the appropriate AR for completion of the area registration application, and interview with the AR before final approval of their CAMBI ITCEDI registration.

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