The Good Guys

Captain Victory

Captain Victory is a gentle, but courageous champion of good in Never Ever Never Town. He is the arch enemy of unscrupulous characters who would harm those who can least protect themselves. He is especially fond of the members of the Never Ever Never Gang, and when summoned, he comes immediately because he knows that someone is in danger of being overcome by the Drug Draks. Captain Victory wants all children to be healthy, happy, and safe.

Katrina Katz, affectionately referred to as Kay-Kay by her friends and family, is the spirit and lifeblood of the Never Ever Never Gang. She keeps everybody in the Gang on the right track. When things go wrong, Kay-Kay secretly rubs the Never Ever Never ring that she wears on her pinky paw. Only she can recite the magic words that summon Captain Victory.

Katrina Katz

Ted "Dee" Baer

Ted "Dee" Baer is the sweetheart of the Never Ever Never Gang and the all-around handyman and good sport. He comforts and reassures other members of the Gang when things go wrong. Ted "Dee" is also a computer whiz. When trouble strikes, he often uses his ingenious ability to help members of the Gang escape capture by the Drug Draks.

Jackson Bunny is a quick thinker and very fast talker whose ideas for swift action against the Drug Draks are endless. But whenever the Never Ever Never Gang uses this zany rabbit's crazy plans, they almost always end up in even deeper trouble. "Jack", as everybody calls him, never wants to summon Captain Victory for help. Outnumbered by the other Gang members, however, he reluctantly gives in to them, not because he knows he should, but because he knows he has no choice.

Jackson Bunny

Monkee C. Munkeedoo

Munkee C. Munkeedoo is the junior member of the Never Ever Never Gang. He is the typical youngster who plays a lot and often gets into trouble. He doesn't always look where he is going, and his friends, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Hear No Evil, are seldom aware when a Drug Drak is near. His mother worries a lot, and everybody in the Gang, especially Kay-Kay, tries to keep a watchful eye on him.

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