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Global Research & Commercialization of Intellectual Property


Hannaian Open University (HOU)

Teach Your Class Online, It's Free!  Hannaian Open University (HOU)  allows any teacher, institution, organization, school, church, corporation or other entity to utilize the SchoolGenes platform and facilities to deliver their course, mini-course, class, presentation, or training program online to a group of students or audience. In other words, anyone can have their own online classroom on SchoolGenes.com under Hannaian Open University. HOU is the Hannaian Research Institute's commitment to promoting education and learning in recognition of the United Nations campaign for International Technology Transfer designed to assist developing communities and countries. Parties utilizing the Hannaian Open University may utilize the full facilities of SchoolGenes.com free of charge so long as they follow the applicable HOU terms and guidelines.

HOU services are available entirely free to a wide variety of individuals or entities for teaching and training activities such as college courses & study groups, high school, middle, and elementary school courses and tutorials, sunday school classes, bible study groups, small company employee training sessions, coroporate and professional training, continuing education, community education, day care schooling, home schooling, and more. The SchoolGenes platform is extremely flexible and interactive and Users of HOU can design their course, class, or training program in any format they choose.

Registrants utilizing HOU to teach or train a group online must consult with HOU administration if they intend to charge fees to the students or trainees. Generally this is prohibited unless specifically arranged with HOU administration. Users of the free HOU facilities will be summarily banned if they do not follow the terms and guidelines for such use.

Bands of Excellence

The Smartest Students Meet At SchoolGenes.com and are eligible upon invitation to participate in the various Bands of Excellence within SchoolGenes. HRI Bands of Excellence are unique in that they are designed to facilitate "Student Banding" into honor society type academic clubs based on areas of subject matter and discipline. These Bands afford top students, faculty and experts in the respective subject matter special opportunities to meet, share, discuss, explore and report on important issues within the discipline. "Bands of Excellence" foster academic excellence and scholarship. Membership in a Band of Excellence can only be accomplished by invitation. Any member of a Band of Excellence may invite a deserving SchoolGenes member who they feel possesses the requisite academic skills to be a contributing asset to the respective Band. Standard HRI Bands of Excellence within SchoolGenes include, Math, Basic Sciences, Humanities, History, Health Sciences, Engineering, Music, Performing Arts, Religion, Law and others. Registrants may also establish their own "Band of Excellence" to band or bring together top students and experts to promote excellence and scholarship in a particular area of learning and academic interest.

Innovative & Inclusive Education - Bringing Together The Best In Education The Best Students, Faculty, Institutions & Courses

The Smartest Students Meet At SchoolGenes.com

SchoolGenes.com is a meeting place and forum for innovators in education, sharing ideas and strategies to improve education productivity and delivery. It is also the Course Development Portal & Online Teaching Center of the Hannaian Research Institute (HRI). See more about HRI and SchoolGenes.com Online Academic Programs.

SchoolGenes.com is also a general resource center for Academic course development and provides college administrators, faculty and students from any institution an interactive meeting place to compare & discuss, access, and resolve, academic policy, legal and other issues.

As a specially designed HRI Education Resource Center, Internet Hub and community network site, SchoolGenes.com is a totally free and unique service to the academic community. It allows school administrations, faculty, students, school news personnel, school organizations and their leaders to create your own self controlled special interactive web space to showcase your programs, organization, news, accomplishments, interests and issues.

The platform supports school activity from Elementary to College programs and organizations in an interactive community based collaborative environment.

You may even use the facilities to market and advertise your education and school related projects and activities.

You may use the facilities of the SchoolGenes Hub as an Individual or Group Platform utilizing the various sections either as an individual, or to create Groups which showcase your activity, and/or your School's activities. Your own showcase and interactive web space on SchoolGenes.com will allow facilitation of yours and your School’s interests, news and related endeavors, and collaboration between Schools and within Schools.

In addition, you may use the special "Issues In Education Group" to interact with other users of SchoolGenes about any Educational issue you desire.

School and College Administrators should pay special attention to HRI's Articulation Partnership Program which is designed to attract student enrollment and registration to HRI Articulation Partnered Institutions. HRI's state of the art direct marketing program to students is designed to attract top students to its exceptional array of specialized online courses and enroll them in HRI's Articulated Partner Institutions.

Members in the interactive and collaborative environment of SCHOOLGENES.COM have facilitated access to the research and knowledgebase of The Hannaian Research Institute, and to some of the best minds and researchers in the field of Education Productivity. SchoolGenes.com is a part of the Hannaian Media Network, and a Web Hub of the Hannaian Media Network. All of the Hubs within the Media Network operate and function similarly, and provide users with the ability to showcase and update their own web platform while interacting and collaborating with other Network users. Google Chrome or FireFox are the preferred browsers to use with this site, since some advanced features may not work with Internet explorer.

“The Hannaian Difference” in Education

·         HRI utilizes accepted standardized testing (SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, Graduate & Professional Exams, etc.) wherever possible to measure the success of students in course content and in critical thinking & analysis. A “Results Oriented” approach. While education is about collaborative learning, it is also about competition and a “Hannaian Education”is built around both concepts, and designed to produce the kind of results accepted & necessary to compete in the highly competitive modern global economy.

·         Our goal is to continue to keep the Brand “A Hannaian Education", associated with only the absolute best in academic quality & achievement. Our courses are designed to bring out the best in each student and produce only top level achievers. Students who cannot achieve at these levels in respective coursework are identified early in the process and provided with the option of completing remedial work if applicable. Underachieving students will not be allowed to delay the progress of those capable of high achievement. Each course therefore has a remedial prerequisite which an underachieving student will be offered if they are underachieving at the end of the first quarter of the semester. The first quarter of the semester in all courses are designed to analyze the capacity of a student to achieve within the respective course work. Those not achieving for whatever reason at the expected level will not be allowed to move forward in the regular course, and would have the option of completing remedial work before re-entering the course in a subsequent semester.

·         Special content and features are built into each course, “Critical Thinking & Analysis” (CTA), “Tech Transfer Enabled” (TTE), “Student Group Teaching Opportunities” (SGTO), “Special delivery modes”, etc. which stamps and certifies it as a “Hannaian Course”.

·         Our Educational offerings gain their exceptionalism from being Teacher developed and based, and not generically generated and taught. HRI Course Developers and Instructors are either highly qualified academically or by their exceptional experience and celebrity in their chosen field.

·         Courses are developed and taught by the Course Developer the vast majority of the time, so that the Instructors in most courses are experts who take pride in delivering their content and tutelage and are not just performing a job teaching a cookie cutter course. Courses are therefore highly tied to the “Apprenticeship Model” where the goal is that the students learn from a “Master” and can functionally perform in the highly competitive modern global environment.

·         Course developers and Instructors are integrally involved in the operations of the Institute and receive high economic returns and investor type status for their hard work and expertise in course development and instruction. This ensures the continued excellence and exceptional quality of course development, maintenance and academic instruction.

·         There is a focus on the specialization of the course. Each course was developed for a specific purpose rather than to fill out a part of a general curriculum.

·         Strict Admission & Prerequisite standards are emphasized in order to get the best and most interested students for each course. Good students help motivate and teach each other and thus improve learning. The quality of the teacher and course developer combined with the best students defines the exceptional quality of a Hannaian Course. Each element is important. Despite what competing systems and opinions may say, the quality of the student and their interaction in the teaching environment is as important as any other factor. HRI strives to bring the best, most motivated and most educationally homogeneous students to each class. Underachieving students are not allowed to hinder the progress of super achieving students. HRI uses its proprietary “Hannaian Student Matching System” (HSMS)to match the level of students to each class. Top students take courses designed at their level. Under achieving students take courses designed and taught at their level until they can qualify to move to top tier courses.

·         The Hannaian Research Institute is a research based Institute specializing in Intellectual Property Commercialization, and Academic and International Technology Transfer. Students benefit from this background, expertise and experience in bringing innovation to global markets. Most HRI course developers and faculty are researchers and innovators in the marketplace.

·         The Hannaian Education model emphasizes delivering exceptional quality academics, versus the well documented publicly traded corporate model dominated by shareholder profit driven motives, and primary dependence upon revenues generated through governmental financing, lobbying and politics. HRI’s primary role is to facilitate the exceptional research & academic output of its affiliated faculty and researchers.

·         HRI’s role in education is to collaborate in articulation, and supplemental curricula with established, reputable, academic teaching institutions rather than supplanting school curricula, managing school operations, and operating its own diploma and degree granting alternative schools. HRI’s resources and expertise in academics is therefore solely focused on producing exceptional quality courses as a “Research and Specialized Course Development & Instructional” Technology Transfer Institute.

The Hannaian Student Matching System (HSMS)

Before being admitted to take an HRI course, a student must provide certain particulars about their education and experience whereupon if deemed adequate they will be admitted to enroll in the standard course.

Once enrolled the first quarter of each course is a probationary period wherein the students’ performance in related course work is judged as to their ability to stay current and competitive with the general body of the class. The Instructor shall at the end of the first quarter provide full enrollment privileges only to those students deemed capable of being competitive with the general body of students in the course. Those students not granted full enrollment will be offered the ability to take the standard course the next semester if they complete required remedial work as identified by the Instructor.

Why Students, Academic Teaching Institutions, & Corporations Should Utilize SchoolGenes.com

1.     The Hannaian Research Instituteis a private Institute involved in the burdgeoning new growth industry of Academic Technology Transfer specializing in the services and mechanisms of developing Innovation and taking ideas from research & development to commercial product and market stage.

2.     As part of its mission to promote Intellectual Property Commercialization, and Academic and International Technology Transfer, the Hannaian Research Institute develops unique and specialized online courses of exceptional academic quality. These courses can be delivered as purely Online courses, or as Classroom Proctored Online courses.

3.     Also, unique to HRI and as part of its mission to recognize and promote the importance of Intellectual Property in modern global business transactions, all HRI courses are designed to teach the subject matter involved with special reference to, and consideration of, the fundamentals of Intellectual Property protection and commercialization. This ensures that students in all HRI developed courses receive the unique benefit of understanding how their particular course or area of interest and study relates to real world economics and business. This important aspect of HRI developed courses is designated as "Tech Transfer Enabled" (TTE).

4.     While students cannot always access the best teachers and best programs for their needs due to geographical limitations, online education allows such access. The best teachers and best courses are available to students wherever they are located. In other words through online education students can gain access to the best teacher and program available no matter where they are located.

5.     Online education can assist institutions in reducing costs while increasing education productivity. More students can be reached with effective online education.

6.     SchoolGenes.com utilizes proprietary state of the art technology developed and mainatined by HRI which can assist teaching institutions and corporations deliver their courses and training online and improve education efficiency, productivity and financial prudence.

7.     SchoolGenes.com is a totally free and unique service to the academic community. It allows school administrations, faculty, students, school news personnel, school organizations and their leaders to create your own self controlled special interactive web space to showcase your programs, organization, news, accomplishments, interests and issues.

8.     In addition, the general academic community may use the special "Issues In Education Group"to interact with other users of SchoolGenes about any Educational issue you desire.

9.     Corporate productivity training is an area of focus for the Institute. With its history of research and teaching in the securities and investments areas, HRI has special interests and expertise in developing corporate training modules.

10.  The special courses developed and administered by the Hannaian Research Institute are designed to bring the best and most accomplished instructors and unique course content to students either in need, or desirous of, the best in education.

11.  The Articulated Course & Institution Program is especially important to academic teaching institutions. The Articulation Partnership Program is specifically designed to assist HRI Articulated institutions in attracting students to their institutions. These students are directly marketed by HRI and attracted to the exceptional specialty courses developed and taught through the HRI online academic program.

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The Smartest Students Meet At SchoolGenes.com



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