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Hannaian Research Institute
Global Research & Commercialization of Intellectual Property

The HarVic Center
Initiative for the Protection of Indigenous Intellectual Property (IPIIP)

The Initiative for the Protection of Indigenous Intellectual Property (IPIIP), conducts research and services to assist in the protection and commercialization of the indigenous intellectual property & capital existing in developing communities and economies.

IPIIP Respository

In addition, under IPIIP, HarVic maintains The IPIIP Repository, an archived collection of historical documents, artifacts, and memorabilia related to the various research activities and interests of The Hannaian Research Institute. Items within the repository are constantly being digitized when applicable to preserve and facilitate their review. Researchers and others wishing to review the material within the Repository should contact the Curator of the Repository with an email request identifying what type of information or documents they are researching. Requests should be sent to curator@hannaian.com.

Genealogical Research Sources

http://afrogenes.com TheHannaian Research Institute's African Heritage Community Media Hub.

https://www.familysearch.org is the largest free source of genealogical research online.

http://www.geni.com is an excellent online family tree maker for those who do not use personal genealogy software.

The HRSBAC Study
Hannaian Research Institute IPIIP studying "The Historical Roots of The Southern Bahamas After Columbus" (HRSBAC)

The Southern Bahamian islands occupied an important historical and economic component of the early development of the Bahamas beginning with Christopher Columbus and his first landfall in the western hemisphere at San Salvador, and the subsequent discovery, development, and utilization of the Crooked Island Passage as a premier shipping lane in the  development of the Western World.

IPIIP is currently conducting research on some of the important historical aspects of the region and its indigenous families. The importance of Watlings/San Salvador, Acklins, Crooked Island, & Long Cay, Long Island, and Inagua, and the history of their people is currently being researched in a long term study identified as "The Historical Roots of The Southern Bahamas After Columbus" (HRSBAC).

Some components of the HRSBAC research study can be accessed on line through the following links;

Research on the Early History of the Southern Bahamas

Research on the History & Genealogy of the Indigenous Families of the Southern Bahamas

Parties interested in the HRSBAC research study should contact The HarVic Center at The Hannaian Research Institute, at the following email address HRSBAC@hannaian.com.

Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP)

Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)

European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO)

European Association for the Transfer of Technology, Innovation and Industrial Information

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation

New York Times FDA Report

Science Daily

United Nations Documents & Research Guide

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

World Intellectual Property Organization


Requests for further information should be forwarded by email to hri@hannaian.com.

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