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This online book samples the extraordinary talents of one of Americas finest reading teachers. In fact, Clifford Black is more than just a a master at teaching, and improving reading skills of all ages. He is frequently described as "a master facilitator of self education", and one of America's greatest motivational speakers. He brings years of experience in disciplines as diverse as Epistemology, Etymology and Ontology to this science.

This book which has become famous in its own right for teaching young children the skills necessary to begin and improve reading in a very short time, has now for the first time been coupled with the exciting Never Ever Never Town Characters. Parents can now sit back and click through the pages of this one of a kind treatise knowing that at the end of the exercise their children who once had reading difficulties, will develop excellent reading, and superior comprehension abilities. More than just a reading excercise this book teaches children how to learn. The basis it provides will take them far beyond just learning to read.

Our thanks to Clifford Black and his one of a kind teaching technique, for allowing these wonderful reading exercises to be available online through the Never Ever Never Town Academy.

Remember take as much time as you need to go through each exercise, repeating them if need be. Within a short time you will see the magic which this book and its contents have brought to many many students of this extraordinary educator.

But first let's meet the Never Ever Never Town Characters

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